Here Is The Easiest Healthy Diet For Express Cellulite Removal

The tiny “balls” you feel under your fingers are not just cellulite. It is a mix of cellulite, fats and waste.

You can get rid of them by using water diet.

Water diet means 30 days with only fresh vegetables, fish, low fat meat, eggs and yoghurt. You can cover hunger between meals with an apple. This diet seeks a complete give up from bread, noodles and sweets (carbohydrates, sugar and oil). Drink two and half litters of mineral water daily, starting from the early morning when you wake up.

1 Week later

You would have the feeling of distension but do not worry, it is from water. Three of four days later this unpleasant feeling will go away. You would feel less hungry and that is because of the water giving you the impression you are full.

2 Weeks later

You would feel more active and flexible. The only problem might be the more often urinating, but knowing that you cleanse your body from the toxins that way, you would bear the fact. Besides, your digestion and stool improve this way.

3 Weeks later

You would feel lighter and the scale will show at least 2 kilograms less. The skin gets a better look and the cellulite is less visible.

4 Weeks later

You still lose some of your weight, maybe 4 kilograms less.
Be thankful to the oldest and most famous diet which Americans call it “The Diet of Drunks” (of those who get drunk of water of course).