Eat less, but wisely

The proper nutritious habits can help us stay healthy, extend our living century, get the better quality of living and protect us from many diseases. The proper diet means a proper timing of the meals and a suitable choice of foods. This means you should have three main meals and two snacks during the day, which are nutritiously rich by their ingredients and their amounts.

Shop wisely

Before you go grocery-shopping, don’t forget to eat and to make a list of groceries you are planning on buying. The list should be according to the previously made nutritious plan. Don’t buy food you don’t eat, because once you place it in your fridge, you’re going to eat it sooner or later. Don’t buy refined food. Buy meat, for example, instead of delicatessen meat products.

Cook wisely

Prepare as much as you need for the meal. Don’t go by the recipe, use half of the recommended amount. Cook simple food: stews, boiled vegetables, grill or bake the meat and fish and never, ever fry things. Use less salt than you’re used to.

Eat wisely

Always eat at the table. Don’t eat or take bites while cooking. Enjoy the food you prepare for yourself. Don’t watch tv, don’t read, don’t solve any of your problems while eating. Always try to prepare your food as if you’re in some luxury restaurant. Fill the plate with the amount you can eat, and don’t take the pans out on the table.