What to eat after cardio practice

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After the cardio practice, the hydration is the most important thing, because you lose a big amount of water during the process of exercising. The natural water is the best way of hydration. It is correct that some of the sports drinks add up on the lost electrolytes, but they also contain big amounts of sugar and calories. So they are also recommended for the professional sportsmen. Generally speaking, for an average practice you have no need of extra calorie intake. You can renew your energy level only by a small snack full of carbohydrates.

The key elements after practice are: water, carbohydrates and electrolytes which are lost during the practice. Here are some examples of a snack:

  • Chopped banana with peanut butter or almonds
  • Mango with yoghurt and honey
  • Grains, fruits and vegetables are the best sources for carbohydrates
  • Bananas or rice,
  • Smoothies

The time for break is also important after the practice. About 30 minutes after the cardio practice, the body needs to add up to the lost amounts of energy – glycogen in the muscles and the liver.

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