Here is why you should eat apricot seeds

In the book Edward Griffin “World Without Cancer” describes the startling facts about the discovery made about 30 years ago and how this discovery was literally buried bigwigs from medicine, corporations that profit from the research and production of drugs.

The thing is that there is a cure for cancer. And it does not even need to get special techniques. Only need pliers and fruit pits. Best suited apricot. They contain vitamin B17. This connection may not be the most delicious, but it is difficult to overestimate the benefit. It can not only prevent the occurrence of cancer, but their cure. This compound is killing cancer cells! For the prevention of cancer is enough to eat several nucleoli apricot kernels a day.

Here are excerpts from the report of Dr. Krebs (ml.), Read in Los Angeles at the Annual Conference of Cancer in 1989 .: “Cancer is a consequence of chronic metabolic diseases, today it is already obvious. This is not an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria or viruses. This – a disease which is a metabolic by nature. It is a metabolic disorder. Most of metabolic disorders has its base imbalance in the body of vitamins and minerals. None of metabolic disease in human history has never been cured or prevented by anything else but to factors related to the diet of an organism. In the past we had a lot of destructive deadly diseases, which are now virtually unknown. They were prevented and defused. The source of these diseases rooted in the culture of the organism failure. For example, scurvy destroyed thousands of humanity. A disease that could destroy an entire polar expedition or knocked out 50 percent of the army of the Crusaders. This disease is fully adjusted vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which has made a full-fledged factor in the human diet and repaid epidemic of scurvy. You’re probably familiar with the fact that the United Kingdom regained her dominion over all the seas, when the empirically found that the additive in the form of lemon juice or other citrus fruits in the diet of sailors from around the fleet removes the curse of scurvy. Prior to the inclusion of vitamin C in the diet of sailors often happened that three-quarters of the crew seriously ill by the end of the voyage and then those who did not die mysteriously recovered upon arrival on shore: they have access to fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. In the past, we also had pernicious anemia, mortality is up to 99%. And no medical procedure could not cope with it. While researchers, Dr. Murphy, and Mino Shippl not found the cause of the food insufficiency.
They just tell the patient “go to the butcher’s shop, buy fresh liver and cook it slightly tan surface, eat meals for three days.” Patients who have followed the advice, without exception, have recovered. But despite this, these doctors were censored medical facilities and charged that the medical quackery. When was the study biochemistry raw liver, it was found that the responsible factors in this process were vitamin B12 and folic acid. So now that vitamin B12 and folic acid have become part of our diet. Those hospitals in 1974 were concerned that a simple dietary factors can prevent the disease, mortality is almost as high as that of anemia. But such is the scientific truth is that the seeds of all common fruits (except citrus) contain vitamin B17 – the main anti-cancer vitamin. If we use the appropriate amount of the vitamin or in pure form or by nitriloside containing foods, we are guaranteed that the development of the disease as well as we were able to prevent scurvy using vitamin C and anemia using vitamin B12. Another disease which is a metabolic by nature is – pellagra. At one time, in some parts of the world it spread in epidemic proportions. Sir William Osler in the book “Principles and Practice of Medicine,” spoke of pellagra: “I was in the hospital Lenoir, North Carolina, where he spent one winter 75 percent of people have died from the disease. It spread like an epidemic and convinced me that no doubt – it is a virus. “But soon came the brilliant work of Dr. Goldberger – Surgery Health Service of the United States, which clearly showed that the cause of pellagra – the lack of fresh greens in the diet. Thus, another fatal chronic metabolic disorder found its complete cure in a simple dietary factors, which is a balanced diet. We found that cancer is no exception to this rule. All medical science has not been invented yet such a drug, which could cause us to become healthier or wiser, or raise our vitality, if the drug is not present in our usual food. And when we use our body to inadequate food, the body becomes ill. If you do not receive vitamin B17 through food, the best way – to use it in its pure form in the form of injections. If the cancer has occurred, the most important thing – it’s a short period of time to provide the body the maximum dose of vitamin B17. All the attendant medical skills are secondary. In addition, there are many supplementary measures profilaktiruet cancer – namely, drugs that enhance blood and stabilizing blood pressure reducing pain. Earlier fruit contained vitamin B17, not only in seeds but in its pulp. Today, only wild fruits contain B17. Fruit that we eat today – it’s a sad result of many years of cultivation for size and appearance, the flesh does not contain B17. To meet the needs of the body in this vitamin, or we should have the seeds of these fruits, or replenish them our diet in the form of tablets. At the moment, unfortunately, is banned by the government, but we hope that soon see this vitamin available and will be able to prevent cancer in the same way, how do we prevent scurvy. We need the equivalent of about seven apricot seeds per day. This amount will prevent the possibility of cancer. In almost all cases of cancer, when B17 is taken in large doses, shrink cancerous tumors.

For the prevention of cancer, start with a small amount of seeds: 1-2 a day and work up to 7 – 10 pcs. Try not to eat refined sugar (sugar feeds cancer cells), caffeine (a very bad effect on the liver and kidneys), and white flour (easily turns into sugar in the body). Try to eat more raw foods. Book EJ. Griffin provides detailed information on research in the field of cancer, which were suspended, and prominent scientists who have been arrested, when they began to advocate the use of vitamin B17.

I’d add that he started using apricot seeds as food. Taste, maybe not the best, but it is quite reasonable, especially if you remember about the effect of this product. But check with your doctor. I think that those who suffer from allergies to protein found in nuts, this product may not be suitable.