You Should Eat According To Your Blood Type! Don’t Miss These Important Nutrition Tips

Recommended food for every type of blood:
Blood type A

Foods to eat: whole grains not pasta or bread), vegetables, figs, berries, avocados, peaches and apples. The only protein allowed are the soy and nuts.

Foods to avoid: dairy products, any kind of meat, and kidney beans.

Blood type O

Foods to eat: seafood, poultry (turkey and chicken), red meat, and other proteins. Eat more spinach, broccoli, kelp and kale.

Foods to avoid: eggs, dairy products, legumes (lentils, peanuts, beans), grains and wheat.

Blood type B

Foods to eat: green vegetables, red meat, fruits, certain grains, turkey, fish.

Foods to avoid: chicken, lentils, seeds, corn, peanuts and buckwheat.

Blood type AB

Foods to eat: tofu, turkey, vegetables, seafood, fish, watermelon, beans, legumes, bananas, apples, figs.

Foods to avoid: corn, buckwheat, red meat (can cause stomach acid). Be careful when consuming caffeine and alcohol.

The organic food is good for all blood types. If you want to improve your diet you can ask a nutritionist. Food groups are strict, and you shouldn’t worry about the excess calories. Learn more about the negative and positive effect of the food you eat. If your family members have different diet, the Atkins diet is an amazing solution for you because it avoids entire food groups.

The nutrition for one blood type fits one person, but it can be unsuitable for other. You should read the book to understand the whole concept. Ask your nutritionist or doctor for an advice, and introduce healthy changes into your diet.


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