You Should Eat According To Your Blood Type! Don’t Miss These Important Nutrition Tips

Peter D’Adamo, who is a world popular neuropathic medic, is also author of the book Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight.

Peter believes that the blood types are important for the overall health and that some foods can be good to one blood type, but to other can be harmful. He says that even workout is connected to the blood type, and that the type of blood might cause some diseases.

Not every person agrees with his way of nutrition, but those 7 million sold copies of the book speak for themselves.


How does the blood type diet work?

Peter D’Adamo says that every person has its own manner of responding to foods and that is connected to the type of blood. According to him, lectins, or carbohydrate-binding proteins, can attach to different type of blood in a different way. The connection between blood types and lectins sometimes can be harmful.

The doctor explained some side effects and changes in his book, but his attention was to analyze which foods are suitable for every type of blood, and the amount that should be consumed.

Four blood types
  1. Blood type A

In the developing stage of agriculture, 20,000 years ago, this type of blood went through a lifetime change. Those people who have this blood type should be vegetarians, and they also are referred to as “the agrarians.”

For the people with blood type A is recommended to avoid the meat, and eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains and legumes. The fresh and organic foods are the right foods for these people, and that is because they have a sensitive immunity.

  1. Blood type O

This is the oldest blood type in the world, dating since 30,000 years ago. This type of blood requires protein-high nutrition. People with this type of blood are “the hunters.”

These people should eat protein-loaded foods, including poultry, lean meat, vegetables and fish. They should avoid dairy products, beans and grains. In order to treat the stomach ache and some other health problems, these people should take different supplements.

  1. Blood type B

These people are called “the nomads” and they can adapt to dairy products. They have the most versatile digestive tracts and their type of blood appeared 10,000 years ago. People with this type of blood should avoid wheat, corn, lentils, buckwheat, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and peanuts. The chicken can cause some problems with the health, according to D’Adamo. The doctor recommends consuming huge amounts of vegetables, certain meat, eggs and low-fat dairy products.

  1. Blood type AB

These people are “the enigmas,” and that is because this type of blood is since 1,000 years ago. Because this type of blood is the most recently developed type, its diet varies between the blood type B and A.

Those people with this type of blood should eat seafood, tofu, green vegetables, and dairy. D’Adamo says that these people should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoked meat, and they struggle with heartburn.

In case you haven’t determined your blood type, you should ask your doctor.

Recommended food for every type of blood