This Easy Recipe Cleanses Toxins Off The Colon And Removes POUNDS!

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This is familiar, you are back from vacation and you still eat as if you do not need to be healthy right? Well this is going to change now.

To remove toxins and have good digestion balance again, do a colon cleanse with just 2 items: ACV and honey.


This vinegar is multi-useful for many health issues. If you take it raw it is the best yet.

Those fine particles inside are the healthy part actually and give nutrients.  They have the healthy acetobacter bacteria that dissolves the food in the gut. The ACV is an antibiotic and restores health of stomach acids, reduces acids and heartburn too. It is antioxidant due to the gallic acid, catechin, caffeic and chlorogenic acid.

The acetic acid gets the best minerals of the food. This comes from green leafy veggies.


The eugenol is phenolic compound in the organic and raw honey. It also stops growth of tumors. Not just this, but also it cleanses the colon perfectly. The honey has natural probiotics that restore the good bacteria in the body and improve nutritious digestion.

This Easy Recipe Cleanses Toxins Off The Colon And Removes POUNDS!

How to know if you need colon cleanse?

A colon that is blocked can lead to toxicity. If you notice some of these, you need a cleanse:

  • Constipation: caused by bad food, stress, chemicals.
  • Aches: sciatic ache, backache and headache
  • Fatigue: due to toxins remains and blood flow improper work.
  • Odor: body odor, gas, bad breath.
  • Acne: clogged colon manifests to the skin too.

Recipe for colon cleanse – natural

You need:

2 tbsp raw ACV

8 oz warm water

2 tbsp raw honey


Before you use the ACV, shake it up well for those particles. Mix ACV with water and add the honey. Mix and stir nicely until even dissolved. Drink every morning or anytime you feel like it.


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