Ease the Pain in Your Spine by Massaging the Feet


If you have a pain in your spine, you can ease that pain by massaging the feet. The edge of your feet has pain-points connected with the pain in the back, and when you massage that point, the stiffness and the pain in your spine disappear. You can massage that point yourself, and it is also effective as if someone else massages you.

Even after the first massage you will notice the results. The massage is healthy and pleasant. Dedicate a few minutes to yourself if you want to feel better.

How to massage yourself

If you are a beginner, try to find that point on your feet.

Sit on the floor in a legged position and then take one foot in the hand.

The projector of the spine is the line between your big toe and your heel in the inner foot’s bow. Visually separate that line as it was your spine, sacrum, coccyx, thoracic, lumbar, and cervical part of the spine. Press the point using your fingers, from the heel to the toe. If you have any problem with your spine, then you will spot painful and thicken points. By massaging these points you will act onto your spine and then the pain will be gone.

Source: www.naturalhealthcareforyou.com