Ease the menopause problems with healthy food

A lot of women suffer from side symptoms so-called heath waves. These products will not only ease these problems, but will also make you feel stronger and more relaxed.

It is known that almost two-thirds of the women I menopause struggle with sudden heath waves followed by redness and sweating. There are frequent cases of women suffering from insomnia, and above that, the spicy food, the alcohol and the coffee only worse those symptoms. Here are a few things which can ease the unwanted difficulties and make you go through this time easier.


They contain plenty of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system, work beneficiary against inflammations and help in regulating the hormone level, whose balance can vary during the menopause. They do well for the blood sugar level, which minimizes the heat waves.


It has plenty of phytoestrogens – vegetative chemicals with a structure similar to the female sexual hormone, the estrogen. The phytoestrogens trick the body to act as if there are more estrogens than there actually is, reducing the unwanted symptoms of the menopause.


The strawberries, similar to the peppers, have plenty of vitamin C, and phytoestrogens as well. It is recommended to eat two-three portions a day if you want to lose the heat waves.


It is also known as natural antibiotic, and has plenty of phytoestrogens as well.

Green salad

Full of iron, folic acid and potassium, the green salad is an excellent addition to the food in menopause because it influences the blood sugar level. The well-balanced blood sugar level means well-balanced estrogen level, which lowers the risk of heat waves.


They have plenty of Selene, which should be regulated, and the lower the amount there is, the body is more prone to different types of cancer, but also stress which influences badly upon the person, especially upon women in menopause.