We Drink This Every Day, but We Don’t Know That Causes Breast Cancer

drink-causes-breast cancerEvery woman is at risk for breast cancer and we must do anything we can to stop this or at least lower the risk of getting this cancer. But sometimes we can harm our health by unconsciously doing things that harm us, one of which is increasing the cancer risk.

In a study by a research team of Kaiser Pemanente, the women with greater risk of breast cancer  were the ones who drank full-fat dairy in comparison to women who drank low-fat dairy.


Why does breast cancer spreads and grows? It is because of the hormone estrogen which also triggers the spreading and growth of hormone-receptor-positive cells. Estrogen is created In the fat cells and also it stays there stored. Many experts say that the dairy products in the USA and some other west countries have a lot of estrogen and progesterone since that milk is extracted from pregnant cows. By simple logic and analogy, the low-fat milk would have less fat and thus fewer hormones since the hormones are stored in the fat!

To those women who have breast cancer diagnosis – consume low fat dairy! This will directly affect the hormone-receptor-positive cells of cancer.

So far from everything mentioned; the experts tried to do a study of whether full-fat products really do cause cancer or not. Also, not just that, but they wanted to prove the mortality rate of breast cancer patients. They listed all the dangerous full-fat milk products:

  • Whole milk
  • Condensed milk
  • Pudding
  • Ice cream
  • Custard
  • Cheese
  • Flan
  • Butter
  • Yoghurt

The people included for the testings were monitored carefully in the course of 12 years and the final results were unbelievable.

According to the study, the subjects who ate one and more full-fat servings every single day had 64% more chances of DYING and 49% chances more of getting breast cancer and dying from it. This was based on comparison to the group who had low-fat products.

Yes, these are shocking results we must agree, but before saying anything is certain to let us reflect on few other things. In the study, there was a link between full-fat dairy and shockingly awful breast cancer results – but this is not a 100% sure proof that only full-fat dairy causes this. With more experiments, tests and studies it could be established a certain and relevant link between these two.

Until that time comes of more certain proofs of breast cancer and dairy food, there is some advice for people that discovered they had breast cancer in the early stages. They should follow this advice in order to avoid these complications or growth or even serious cancer stages.

  • Healthy food regime without sugar and sweets
  • No alcohol
  • Good BMI and body weight
  • Exercise
  • No smoking
  • Prescribed medications – only by a doctor!

Article and Image Source: www.myhealthylifeguide.net