Don’t Throw Away The Lemon Peels – Use The Lemon Peels To Improve The Health


After juicing the lemons, the lemon peels generally end up in the trash can. Today we will present you some benefits of the lemon peels and their nutrient content. Use the lemon peels to prevent and treat the different health problems.

Lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the juice, including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, beta-carotene, potassium and magnesium.

The lemon peel contains ingredients that are important in the fight against the cancer. Salvestrol Q40 is important in the fight against the early stage cancer cells, especially in the cases of colon, breast and skin cancer.

Lemon peel contains vitamin C and P flavonoids, whose combination decreases the blood pressure and the LDL cholesterol, and cleanses the blood vessels. The lemon peel strengthens the bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Lemon peel juice:

Wash two lemons. After you squeeze the juice out, chop the peels finely. Pour in 2 to 3 dl warm water and let it like that for 12 hours. Every 3 hours drink 2 tablespoons of this juice, and also after and before meals.

When you finish the dose, make another one and repeat the process. This recipe is ideal for hypertension, cholesterol and atherosclerosis, because of its high vitamin P content. In a combination with the vitamin C, these vitamins strengthen the blood stream and cleanse the blood vessels.

Consuming the lemon peel

Wash the lemons and freeze them. While cooking the meals, shred some of the peel over the soups, salads, fish dishes and many other meals.

The nutritionists recommend adding shredded lemon peel in warm tea. But make sure it releases its juices in the tea before you drink it. This will give your drinks and food a refreshing flavor, and also a great amount of anticancer elements and vitamins to strengthen the protection against cancer and heart diseases.

You should always buy organic lemons. But, if you can’t find organic lemons, wash them well or soak them in apple cider vinegar solution for about 10 to 15 minutes before using the lemon peel, in order to remove any chemicals and dirt.