Doctor Confirmed – Cannabis Oil Can Cure Infant of Cancer and Dissolves Inoperable Tumor

The western medical mind has no time to try to understand the diverse actions of Cannabinoid, according to Dr. William Courtney. Dr. William Courtney, a Doctor of Medicine with extensive experience and education in psychiatry, microbiology and forensic medicine, describes how his 8 months old patient had a huge centrally-located and inoperable brain tumor. The father of the child pushed for “non-traditional” treatment using cannabis, and he put cannabidiol oil on the pacifier of the baby twice per day, increasing the dose constantly. After 2 months there was a huge reduction in the size of the baby’s tumor.

The doctor said that the success of the cannabis approach that the child won’t have the long-term side effect that would come from radiation or a very high dose of chemotherapy.

Cannabis can cure inoperable tumor

While 10,000-year-old cultural practice includes drying and heating cannabis to effect an almost complete decarboxylation of THC-Acid into THC, the formation of huge amounts of THC is compounded by the insertion of a psychoactive side effect that also has a 10 mg dose control secondary to CB1 receptor stimulation.

One research provided in Bethesda Maryland drive to Patent 6,630,507 held since 2003 by the United States of America that advises that the lack of psycho-activity in CBD permits doses that are 100 to 200 times greater than the acceptable dose of THC. The articulated effective oral dosage schedule is 20mg / kg body weight needs a noticeable amount of cannabis. It is recommended to consume the trichrome-laden and fully-mature flower together with the 80-day leaf.

The dietary use of the whole raw cannabis plant takes us back in the 34 million years of the evolution of cannabis. The evolution of lipid messenger molecules long 4 billion years not only that controlled resource management in the most basic life forms, but also were central in the earliest paracrine and autocrine modulation of cellular function. We think that the autocrine cross talk was the essential precedent to symbiotic and then multi-cellular life forms. The domain of the lipid messenger molecules is the tissue specific or paracrine cluster regulation and is the way to understanding the amazing diversity of function. While our publication/perception of these physiological properties is something new, the greatest beneficial effects were there yesterday, last month, last year, if not hundreds of millions or billions of years ago.


Now the researchers have found that the compound named cannabidiol is so powerful that can remove the gene that is responsible for metastasis in any aggressive kind of cancer. The most important thing is that this substance doesn’t produce the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant.

The cannabinoids can reduce heart attacks by 66 percent, prevent cancer and reduce insulin dependent diabetes by 58 percent. According to the recommendation of Doctor Courtney, drinking 4-8 ounces of leaf juice and raw flower of any Hemp plant, a salad of Hemp seed sprouts, 5 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) for kg body weight, and 50 mg of THC taken in 5 daily doses.

Dr. William Courtney said that if you heat the plant, on that way you will decarboxylate THC-acid and so you will get high and you will get your 10 mg. But if you don’t heat the plant, you can go up to 5 or 6 hundred milligrams and you can use it like a Dietary Cannabis and also push it up to the Neuro-protective and Anti-oxidant levels that come into account at hundreds of milligrams.

Doctor Courtney explains that the Hemp plant is one amazing plant and that is because the THC content can be low, that is if you are healing some disease for which appears CBD food supplement is in order. The plants that they are using in Luxembourg have just 1% CBD. 1% CBD plant is giving you 19 times more CBD per pound than oranges gives you vitamin C. Actually, a 1% is a great source and you can produce amazing concentrates you can consume the plant untouched, raw – and the absence of the THC – you can heat the Hemp that is something you can’t do with the other pains because the THC acid comes out and you will get a psycho-toxic substance.