A Doctor Admits That the Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

The doctor said that he have never smoked joint in his life and that he is an opponent of all drugs. His calling is the classical medicine. But when he gets a lung cancer, he tried almost everything. He confirms to be cured by cannabis oil.

The doctor is from Serbia and is a fifty – year old. Six months ago the doctor had been detected with lung cancer with metastasis to the lymph nodes in stage two of three. He started to consume cannabis oil and he supports completely the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

The doctor said that his colleagues did everything to help him and the biopsy and diagnosis were done within seven days. He, after the initial shock decided to go into a fight with a very awkward rival.

Because he is a doctor of classical medicine, he started to go to chemotherapy and had to have over five cycles. He included all possible alternatives: variety of preparations, syrup monastery, drops… everything. Then he heard of the cannabis oil, but because the usage of this oil is punishable and outside the law, it was very difficult to convince the seller that he is not a provocateur.

He wasn’t sure whether the therapy will work or not, but despite that he started to use the oil. When he used the cannabis oil, everything that he felt was dry mouth and mild transient feeling of head floating.

After just three months of cannabis oil consumption the cancer was reduced and the latest finding of scanner is great. His radiologist was delighted, and he said to his oncologist about the use of cannabis oil, and he told him to use everything that might help him.

In the world there are so many debates about the use of marijuana. One famous physician who works with the examination of the tumor, Dr. Car Arni, said that there is a good evidence that marijuana helps and that he supports the continuation of experimentation with cannabis oil to find the best cure for the patients.

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