Drinking Too Much Water Can Cause Death: Read The New Guidelines On Healthy Water Drinking

Drinking enough water is really important for the human body to function, but drinking too much water can be dangerous just like drinking too little. One group of 17 experts from around the world together wrote guidelines presenting the safest way to drink the water without going extreme.

The new guidelines were followed by warnings, and they were announced at the International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development Conference, published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

The lead author of the guideline and an exercise science professor at the Oakland University, Dr. Tamara Hew-Butler, said in a statement that their major goal was to re-educate the public on the dangers of drinking beyond thirst during the exercise.

Every single EAH death is preventable and tragic, if we listen to our bodies and let go of the extensive advice that if a little is just good, then more must be better.

Athletes are especially at risk. 14 deaths of football players, marathon runners, and other athletes have already been associated with drinking too much sports drinks and water during a physical activity, according to the experts.

This condition is known like exercise-associated hyponatremia or EAH, in which the kidneys of the body become overwhelmed by the big quantity of liquid it is obligated to process. The natural occurring sodium of the body can’t keep up with the huge amount of water, and that leads to swelling in the cells and also in severe cases to death.

The team of experts recommends preventing the hyponatremia by being harmony with your body and drinking water when you are thirsty – no less and no more.

According to the guidelines that is published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, using the native thirst mechanism to guide fluid consumption is an action that should limit the drinking in excess and also getting hyponatremia while giving enough fluid to prevent the excessive dehydration.

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