Do You Have A Black Mark On The Fingernail? Go Right Now To The Hospital!

One woman had rocked her world with a cancer diagnosis, she spread the awareness to the social media and also encourages other people to check any suspicious marks and growths on the body almost immediately.

Melanie Williams, the 36 years old women, a couple of weeks before her diagnosis with cancer, noticed one unusual dark spot that appeared under the thumbnail.


This woman thought it was just a wart or fungal infection. But, the truth was much worse.

The woman posted on Facebook when she found out that it was not a wart but a cancer.

Melanie was diagnosed with melanoma, which is a form of skin cancer that can be removed by the surgery.

She said that her cancer appeared quickly in just a few weeks. She wrote that she has been lucky because the cancer hasn’t spread and it was removed the next week. She shared his situation not for sympathy, but for awareness. Melanie advises to check out every growths or changes on the skin.