Do You Eat Sweet Potatoes? Here Are 7 Amazing Reasons That Will Make You Love Them

Whether you eat the sweet potatoes mashed, baked, or steamed, there are many great reasons to eat them. Here we will present you many health benefits of this veggie.


Vitamin B6

The sweet potatoes support the health in many different ways, but the most important thing is that they give us the vitamin B6. This veggie is among the richest sources of this vitamin. Other sources of vitamin B6 include sunflower seeds, potatoes, bananas, spinach, but the sweet potatoes contain more B6 than them.

  1. The vitamin B6 is important for keeping a healthy blood. The body uses the vitamin B6 when it carries the oxygen through the bloodstream.
  2. Also, you need vitamin B6 to break down the carbohydrates properly. Without this vitamin, you would suffer from lower energy levels.
  3. The body needs this vitamin in order to support the mental health and brain health. According to one research, the B6 deficiency is connected to ADHD and depression.
  4. If you eat the sweet potatoes, you will support the liver. The vitamin B6 is an important vitamin that helps the liver to break down the chemicals in the body, so the liver can process them correctly.
  5. Beside the vitamin B6, the sweet potatoes contain vitamin A, and according to one 2007 study, the sweet potatoes contain a great amount of vitamin A. So, if you want to maximize the absorption of vitamin A, eat sweet potatoes.
  6. The pigments, which give the sweet potato its orange and vibrant color are named anthrocyanins. They are powerful anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.
  7. The sweet potatoes give you the 50% of the daily manganese, which is a huge amount. The manganese supports the skin and bone health, and controls the blood sugar levels.

Important note:

The sweet potatoes, just like the kale and spinach, are high in oxalates. If you have gallbladder or kidney problems, limit the consumption of sweet potatoes.

The sweet potatoes are so high in vitamin A, which is an important nutrient, but it is a fat soluble, so it is possible to eat just too much of it. If you eat this veggie every day, you can get a skin condition named Carotenemia, which is a skin condition that causes the skin to turn orange. This condition is most common in babies, but if the adults eat too many vegetables colored in orange, like carrots and sweet potatoes, they can also turn orange. But, don’t worry, if you stop eating these veggies for some time, your skin won’t be orange anymore.