DIY Eucalyptus Shower Bombs To Remove The Flu And Cold Instantly

If you look for a natural remedy for cold and flu in order to relieve the congestion, read this text here. It is so easy to make this natural shower bomb without the toxic ingredients. Also, the store-bought products are so expensive, but these homemade shower bombs are not expensive.

If you have a muffin tin and a fork, you have all the needed things to make these shower bombs. Also, you can make them to treat a congestion. With a different group of essential oils, you can make your desired fragrance in order to turn the shower into a spa.

About the essential oils

You can use the essential oils to scent the homemade products because it is ridiculous to make a great non-toxic product and then to add chemical fragrance or petroleum to it. The worst part comes in with all of the multi-level marketing companies support some unsafe and terrifying medicinal uses for the essential oils. As an example, the essential oils should never be applied directly on the skin and undiluted and it is questionable to ingest them. You should find a company that you have faith in.

The recipe for cold-relief shower bombs

  • 2 tbsp of salt
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup of lemon juice
  • Essential oils of your choice (you can use a mix of peppermint and eucalyptus)
  • Water as needed
  • 1/3 cup of lemon juice
  • Muffin tin
Method of preparation

Use a glass mixing bowl, and stir the salt and baking soda with a fork. Then, add the lemon juice. The mixture will get fizzy when the baking soda will react with the acid. Stir it well with the fork. Add a few tablespoons of water until you have a mixture that looks just like the biscuit dough – crumbly and moist. The mixture should be moist enough to stick together.

Oil the cookie sheet or the muffin tin lightly so the dough doesn’t stick. You can use vegetable oil, or almond oil or coconut oil. Then roll the dough in your hands, and then add it to the cookie sheet or muffin tin.

Bake them at 350 degrees for 10 to 20 minutes. After the baking, they should look like cookies. Remove them from the cookie sheet or muffin tin using a spoon, and then place them on the plate. When they will cool, add 1 drop of Peppermint oil and 3 drops of Eucalyptus oil to each shower bomb. Leave the shower bombs out overnight to harden and cool.

You can place the dried bombs in a canning jar, so they will become more soothing and stronger.

Don’t worry if they are crumbly, they will still work perfectly. Next time when you make them, you should try adding a little more liquid. If they crumble too much, you can use a fork in order to turn them into a powder and scoop out 2 tablespoons into a little dish to place them in the steamy shower.

How to use the shower bombs

If you want to use the shower bombs, toss the shower bomb onto the floor of your hot shower. The steam will make a fragrant vapor that will give you natural relief for your congestions and will clear the sinuses. If you prefer a bath, you can add the shower bombs to the bathwater instead – it is all just salt, baking soda and oils.

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