These 5 Diseases Are Provoked by Microwaves and You Surely Ignored Them All!

diseases-microwavesMicrowaves are really brilliant and practical too, it is a good option to cook if you lack the time or are lazy. This small oven got popular in the USA and it was popular for more than 30 years because it completely changed how society works and what society needs in this modern age regarding food preparation. There is one really big and important question: are microwaves healthy? The answer is NO. There are better ways to prepare foods and get nutrients instead of heating up something quickly.

Basically, the microwaving is a way of radiation, a non-ionizing one. To make the contrast palpable, ionizing radiating alters the electromagnet structure of atoms because it ionizes them. If they are changed they will act differently around other atoms or molecules. Examples of ion radiation are x-rays, nuclear medicine ( CT scans, barium swallowing, mammograms) and gamma radiation. Basically, the food you eat is electrocuted by heat in high-frequency waves and there are theories that this is harming your health.

Keep on reading to see the most common 5 diseases caused by food that is microwaved:
  • Insomnia: microwaved food causes changes in the mood and in the brain since it damages it
  • Fewer nutrients absorption: this type of cooking kills some ingredients, worsens the taste and thus you ingest less useful material
  • Fatigue: this type of cooking makes you lazier and obese with time since it is simple and quick and the foods cooked in it are usually fast foods
  • Cancer: the food in this small oven is subdued to radiation and can lead to cancer cells forming
  • Elimination of antioxidants: the antioxidants that are in the food and are really useful are killed by this oven and its heat rays, and if you lack antioxidants you are prone to heart issues, heart attacks and bad cholesterol.

*be extremely careful to avoid these foods as much as you can. Avoid cooking them in a microwave especially! Opt always for the healthier option no matter the length of cooking.


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