Two Holes on the Back Signify You Are Unique!

dimples-back-uniqueIf you happen to have the two dimples-holes on the lower back, you are indeed special and unique. It can say a lot about you.

The term name for these holes is Venus holes; they are circular in shape and small, their location is on the lower back, both in men and women, but mostly in women. If men have these, then they are called Apollo holes.

The place where they are located is where the pelvis connects with the 2 bones, and usually, this is happening with people that have indications to have appropriate ligaments in size. It is not our choice if we have them – it depends on Mother Nature and genetics.

They signify a good and healthy circulation and overall a healthy and proportional body, but the circulation is crucially important for achieving a healthy sex life or a better orgasm.

The Venus holes are in a place on the body where there is no one single muscle, so they cannot be “created” with exercises and workouts, however, you can make them more visible if you get rid of the excessive fat tissue around the waist.



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