The difference between fresh and cooked food


They make small, but at the same time huge difference among the raw food and the cooked food.

All of the chronic diseases are caused or made worse because of the problems with digestion. This has been proven by the most detailed research of The Nutrition and Human Needs Committee in the U.S. The people are fully responsible for the development of heart diseases, arthrosclerosis, cancer, diabetes e.t.c.

The duty of the digestive system is to “alchemically” turn the food we eat into the essential form needed for the muscles, body and blood. Such essential form could be the energy, the thoughts, the feelings… And this transformation is possible with the help of the salivary glands, the pancreas, the liver and most important of all, the RAW FOOD. The raw food provides the body with enzymes.

Enzymes are delicate machines since some of them can be destroyed on a temperature of 47 degrees Celsius, and others on a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. This means that they can’t survive the cooking process. Not even the “light cooking”. They are being called “machines” since they are powerful biochemical catalysts. They induce the process of dissolving or building, which are processes essential to keep the body alive. The enzymes are actually specialized proteins with complicated names.

The three basic digestive enzymes are:
  • Protease enzyme – digests the proteins and extracts from the pancreas.
  • Lipase enzyme – digests the fats and extracts from the liver.
  • Amylase enzyme – digests the carbohydrates, including sugars. It extracts from the salivary glands, so the carbohydrates are being dissolved from the mouth cavity. This is why bread gets the sweet taste when you chew it longer.

The raw food is also very good for losing weight. The cooked food takes longer to digest and dissolve, and the pancreas needs more time and effort to achieve this process with the cooked food.

Therefore, do not lose any more time and substitute the cooked food with fresh fruits an vegetables!