How to Make a Detox through the Feet

detox-feetThe best way to get toxins out of the body is through the feet of course. This is a simple method and doesn’t require elimination of certain foods from the diet so it is a safe procedure for toxins removal.

There are many ways to do this like for example detox spa, detox pads, electric or homemade and they all clean the body properly. Here is how they function:

Detox pads for feet

These pads are found in any store. They go by the name detox pads patches and originate from Japan.

To apply these pads before sleeping and to remove them in the morning is the main point. With just one use, the pads will be darker from absorbing all the toxins during the night. Those who tried them reported less headaches, less joint pains and less fatigue.

Ionic foot bath detox

These baths work by an electric process with negative and positive ions based in warm salt water. If you ionize the saltwater with polarities, while you breathe this method works the best. You will enjoy it and feel good while the feet are soaking and cleansed at the same time.

The toxins from the body will go out while you take a bath of detox. The bad diets and food regimes are main causes for toxins buildup, in particular processed foods and bad fats. With air pollution added to this, we inhale toxins and chemical waste too and if we don’t workout it is even worse.