Detox The Body Of Nicotine With Just 5 Ingredients

We all know cigarettes are unhealthy and nicotine does harm. If you quit smoking, or still light one once in a while, read this about cleansing the lungs and body. Fast and good way is by first using fresh produce.

Detox The Body Of Nicotine With Just 5 Ingredients

Kiwi and lemons

Smoking makes a deficit in vitamins like C, A and E so the immunity drops. We get more germs and infections due to this deficit. To get those vitamins back, eat a kiwi a day or drink lemon juice in water in the morning.

Vitamin water and green tea

Smokers lose more fluids and are dehydrated more often. Cleanse poisons by having vitamins and GREEN TEA.

Juice of orange

It is a refreshing beverage, gives vitamins and cleanses too. Take 2 oranges and make juice to have between meals as a snack.


Smokers have worse skin than non-smokers, dull and greyish. To have pretty fresh skin again, eat carrots. They have vitamin B, K, C and A , and can be eaten in dishes, juices, or side additions with lemon and apple.

Broccoli and spinach

The folic acid is crucial for the body and the development of healthy tissues, but also to remove nicotine residue. It comes in tablets, but also in foods like spinach. Broccoli on the other hand has vitamin B5 and C which are also cleansers.