Tutorial on Removing Dark Skin from Neck, Elbows, Knees or Armpits

dark-skin-neck-elbows-armpitsIt is common to have dark skin patches on such areas on the body. It is not medical problem, just esthetical, but people dislike it.

The main reason for this issue is skin pigmentation changes named acanthosis nigricans, from maturing, sun exposure or improper skin care. The elbow and knee skin is thicker and more prone to darkening. The skin is drier where there is no oil organs. Nourish these ski areas to at least soften up the skin.

As for the underarms, the reason for their darkening is antiperspirants and other chemicals for armpit care. Both a problem for women and men too. Many remedies are natural, and you can read about few of them now.

  1. Aloe Vera

the aloe vera seeps in the skin and lightens tissues. Also, removes skin spots. This magical plant repairs the skin and refreshes the body too. It is really healthy and anti-cancer in benefits. It is the most used plant for skin care. Read more:


Just take aloe vera gel and apply on the neck for 20 minutes to sit. Then wash off. Do this daily!

  1. Baking soda

the soda can be exfoliant. It cleanses the skin and reduces darkness and patches. Combine a paste with water and treat hyperpigmentation


Make a mix paste of 1 part water and 3 parts baking soda. Apply on the neck and let it dry for 5 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Do this 2-3 times weekly.

  1. Potatoes

these are effective because they have a chemical called Catecholase that lightens skin.


Grind potatoes and put them on the neck; or make potato juice. Let it stay 15 minutes and use ice water to wash off. Another way is blending lemon and potato together and applying for 15 minutes also. Use cold water again. Do this every day.



Remedies for knees and elbows dark skin

  1. Lemon

this fruit is abundant in vitamin C and peels off nicely. It rejuvenates skin and removes dead cells, while it nurtures and tones.


Rub lemon juice on elbows and knees for 5 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. After this apply cream. You can even add honey for good effects.

  1. Sugar

sugar can be used as exfoliant for dead skin cells, or make a sugar mask.


mix a paste of olive oil and sugar, same amounts equally. Apply on knees and elbows and rub a few minutes. Use cold water for washing off. Do this at least once a week.

  1. Almonds

– the almonds and their oil are really beneficial for toning too.


warm up almond oil and rub the area for 5 minutes every day before sleeping. Or blend 2 tbsp coarsely powder almonds with yoghurt and make a paste. Place on knees and elbows. Let it dry and massage. Cold water for washing off. Do this 2 times a few weeks.



DIY remedies for dark armpits

  1. Milk

– when blended with curd, lactic acid acts as a miracle to brighten skin.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp curd, 2 tbsp flour, 1 tbsp milk.


mix everything and make a creamy paste. Apply on underarms. After 15 minutes wash off.

  1. Cucumber

– it lightens skin, but also mixed with lemon too. Lemon brightens and cucumber stops tingling and soothes.


this cure is originally ayurvedic and can be used daily. Blend the cucumber juice with lemon and lime juice and sprinkle turmeric. The lemon whitens and exfoliate and the cucumber with turmeric cools and soothes skin.

Just cut cucumber in circles and rub the underarms. Then apply its juice.


  1. Flour chickpea mask

Ingredients: 1 tbsp yoghurt, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp chickpea flour, 1 pinch turmeric


just take everything and mix together until you get even mix.

Usage: when applying on an area, leave it for a whole hour. Wash with cold water. It is really effective and purges or whitens the skin incredibly. In the first 14 days repeat this twice weekly.


Article and Image Source: www.forhealthylifestyle.com