Daily Detox: Make Warm Water With Lemon And Turmeric

A lot of studies proved turmeric and water with it to be best anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer beneficial agents.

The lemon water gives the body a detox and speeds up the digestive system in the morning. If you add turmeric to this, you get stronger taste and more benefits too.

This is a known medicine alternative cure and it is good because of the active in gradient that reduces inflammation and is like antioxidant.

Daily Detox: Make Warm Water With Lemon And Turmeric

Warm water with turmeric and lemon


  • ¼ – ½ tsp turmeric
  • ½ lemon
  • Warm water
  • Honey


Make juice of ½ lemon and add the turmeric with warm water before you stir. Add honey for extra flavor. Keep the spoon inside the cup when the turmeric falls down, you have to mix it all the time.

Why you need this drink as soon as possible?

  1. Antioxidant and anti-inflammation: the inflammation is a great problem when it is chronic and emerges on many tissues of the body. Curcuma from the turmeric is anti-inflammatory and it even acts better than some chemical meds.
  2. Less heart problem risks- curcuma prevents plaque buildup that congests arteries and causes heart attacks or stroke. in a study it was shown that 121 patients of coronary artery bypass surgeries were given placebos OR 4 g curcuma a day. This was done few days before and after surgeries.

The curcuma group had 65% less chances of heart attack.

  1. No arthritis pain- the turmeric antioxidant benefits kill free radicals who damage our cells. Those who have rheumatoid arthritis and eat turmeric regularly, have more relieved pains in the joints and less inflamed joints.
  2. Anti cancer- curcuma is good for cancer patients since it stops proliferation of cancer and tumor cells.
  3. Leveling diabetes- turmeric reduces the resistance of insulin that is the reason for diabetes 2. But, when you mix it with strong meds turmeric causes hypoglycemia (low sugar in the blood). So get advice from experts  before buying turmeric supplements.

*NOTE: always consult doctor first before any kind of health regime starting.

Source: lifehealthandfood.com