VIDEO: How Come I Never Thought of Cutting up a Watermelon in This Way? A Smart Method!

cutting-watermelonAfter I saw the video of a practical and creative way of cutting a watermelon, I never cut the watermelon in the same way again.

Many years now, my cutting way was simply leaving edible remains on the fruit skin and basically wasting the fruit piece. After you see this creative method, you will cut it differently just like me. Also, you will get your money’s worth by not leaving edible remains on the fruit skin too. In addition, this process is not messy.

First, to start, cut the watermelon. Make a big slice through it and go inside to the center. It will divide in half by itself eventually.

Flip over the watermelon so that it is on the endings bottoms. Remove the peel skin. Leave the white remains on the pink parts, you will deal with them later.

Cut the top and remove it, and after that clean the white remain.

Next, continue, with simple cut slices. Turn over the cutting board for 90 degrees and again, continue to cut in opposite direction.

Get a big bowl to fit OVER the watermelon and cover it. Now, grab the cutting board from underneath, flip it over quickly and you have a bowl full of perfect watermelon chunks.

Have you seen something simpler?

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