Cut Lemons And Put Them Next To Your Bed.

Lemons are great for food and other purposes too. They are super foods. Lemon also cleans surfaces and other things and is antiseptic. The smell refreshes you and improves mood. That is why is good for depressed people.

Cut Lemons And Put Them Next To Your Bed.

For beauty, mostly is for skin issues. It clears scalp, removes acne and dark spots too. Get ½ lemon to rub on knees, elbows and calluses areas. This softens that skin. Also, lemon makes the breath fresher and whitens the nails.

For overall health, it is for many diseases. Helps with arthritis, digestion issues and rheumatism. Kidney stones will not form with lemon. Not just vitamin C, but also they have minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, vitamin A and chromium. Antioxidant is another trait of lemon.

Better lifestyle- take 3 lemons and cut them. Leave them for the night and do this daily. The benefit of this is: fresher air, nice smelling room, easy breathing, no cold and asthma, relaxation. No hangovers or fatigue and good sleep.

With this, you are more energized and this is also a trick for energy drinks that you buy!