Coconut Water on Empty Stomach, for a Whole Week. Amazing!

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This water is amazing and compatible to our blood plasma. In the past it was used as replacement for blood in heavy conflicts.

Coconut water is used everywhere in the world and in markets is found easily too. The taste is strange and not spectacular, but it is great for detox and other health issues.

The benefits

This water is miracle for the health and gives many benefits. It is great for water excess reducing energy boost, immunity improvement, microbe protection and other.

One full cup in the mornings makes us have great electrolyte balance and regulate hypertension.

Also thyroid gland works better with this water.

Naturally, this is a diuretic and great for the health of kidneys and their work.

It aids for the bladder and urinary paths by making them cleansed and free of infections. It removes the toxins and kidney stones too.

Also, this water makes immunity stronger. It removes microbes in the urinary infections, also gonorrhea, gum diseases and flu and typhoid.

This water has many fibers and drinking it every day means less bad stomach acids.

You can drink it as much as you want, it has no fats. Also, keeps you satiated and in good shape.

It gives vitality if you have fatigue all the time. The best measure is 40-50 ml daily.

A full cup of this water keeps skin nourished and moist for the whole day.

Having this water after a workout is great since it is like spring water.

If you have really dry or too oily skin, dip cotton in this and go over the skin. It cleanses it, moisturizes it too, opens the pores nicely and is chemical free.

Also it cleanses the body when mixed with olive oil – it goes against the intestine parasites.

Doctors say that this water is a good thing for many issues and even pregnant women benefit from it.

If you are hangover or feel tired, reach for coconut water. You will get those fluids back and beat sickness fast.



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