Add Just 2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil in Your Coffee Every Morning and Say Goodbye to the Calories!

coconut-oil-coffee (1)When I heard that I could put oil or fat to my morning coffee, I am not sure if I was disgusted or surprised or amazed.

Seriously, you don’t hear about coffees with butter or coconut OIL! Especially if we all try to have non or low fat products as much as possible. It took me some time to get used to this, but it is worth it.

I was like those people. I would count calories but never look at ingredients of products; I would buy non fat or French vanilla cream for coffee because my aim in life was to be skinny no matter what. I had to remove any fat or sugar from my diet.

Now as years passed by I know what my aims are. It is better to be healthy than skinny. FAT in the diet will not necessarily make you FAT. Coconut oil is that type of good fat that improves metabolism and keeps you looking just right and good.

This oil, unlike the rest of oils, has medium chain fatty acids and not the long-chain ones. The medium acids are going through a different metabolism compared to the long chain and this causes a boosted metabolism. In one research, 2 tbsp medium chain fats like coconut oil daily, increases your energy by whole 5% or 120 calories a day.

No matter the health results, adding coconut oil to my coffee has been a must do for several years now, for me! The taste is incredible.

It will not make the coffee oily or greasy as you suppose. This creamer will make the coffee rich in taste and you can sweeten it with honey or cinnamon and vanilla. There is no palm oil, no chemicals no sweeteners like store bought creamers!

Along this coffee, get a nice and healthy breakfast for a perfect energetic day.

There are many reasons to love this coconut cream:

  • It is not like milk or regular cream- your coffee will not be cooled after adding this
  • The flavor is not diluted or changed. Non or low fat milks can make the coffee like water.
  • Coconut oil is easy to find and purchase and it lasts, but creamers can expire quickly.
  • The effect of caffeine is even better than before.

No, it is not Bulletproof coffee, which might sound familiar to you. That coffee has 2 tbsp GRASS fed butter, also 2 tbsp Brain Octane (XTC oil, 18 times the coconut in strength, flavorless) and 2 cups coffee, everything in blender. Fat can be good, but these quantities of caffeine and other additions is too much!

Make the coconut coffee creamer

Ratios are depending on your preference and taste in coffee. If you don’t want too much sweetness just never add honey and that’s it.

  • ¾ cups coconut oil, organic and soft NOT melted
  • ½ cup honey, raw
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder, raw

Mix everything in a bowl or pan and whisk until even. Put it in a jar with tight lid.

How to know the right usage of this creamer

Make the coffee you like best, or make 2 cups. To this, whisk in 2 tbsp coconut oil creamer, in HOT coffee. Now, if you want, add grass fed butter while it is still hot. It is not obligatory, but the taste will be more rich for sure! Also, now use a blender to blend both the creamer and coffee, at least 5-6 seconds. And then, just enjoy!