Clear The Sinuses Just With Your Thumb And Tongue In Only 20 Seconds

The most uncomfortable and annoying feeling is the sinus infection. Unluckily, the sinus infections are so frequent, and around 37 million of people are affected by this infection.

They are an inflammation of your sinus cavities. The sinusitis can be caused by flu, cold, allergies or bacteria.

Luckily, we have one natural remedy for your sinus infection. You don’t have to use drugs.

clear the sinuses


Push the tongue against the top of the mouth, and then place your finger between the eyebrows and press slightly. Hold the finger for 20 seconds and the sinuses will start to drain.

Lisa DeStefano, who is part of the Michigan State University as an assistant professor, says that this causes your vomer bone that is positioned in your nasal passages to your mouth, to rock back and forth.