Cleanse The Kidneys At Home With A Natural Excellent Drink Recipe!

The kidneys are organs in our body crucial and vital for many functions. They deal with the waste toxins in a way by removing them off the body through the urine.

The toxins pile up in our organisms from unhealthy habits and lifestyles, so the kidneys cannot always deal with so many toxins and have to overwork.

So, once in a while cleanse them and of course – be hydrating.

This habit will prevent toxins overload in the future and prevent kidney illnesses and stones. You have many alternative and natural remedies for this and using PARSLEY is one of them.

Cleanse The Kidneys At Home With A Natural Excellent Drink Recipe!

How to use parsley for kidney cleanse

This is a herb that has a lot of useful ingredients in it; iron, folic acid, furanocoumarins, vitamin A, C and K, all really healthy for the kidneys.

The parsley is diuretic, hypouricemic and estrogenic (regulates periods and PMS), hypoglycaemic (lowers high sugar levels), antihepatoxic (cleans liver), antihypertensive (lowers high pressure), antihyperlipidermic, anticoagulant, antimicrobial (lowering triglycerides), and anti-anemic.

It was used years back as a cure in natural ways of medicine in traditional ways for treating kidney stones.

If you increase urine flow and urine production, you cleanse the livers. Also, you prevent further in the future forming of kidney stones and absorption in the kidneys of salt.

The parsley will also soothe the nerves and lessen anxiety.

Cleansing with parsley tea

For this tea you have to use only natural, fresh and also organic items to have a real effective cure. But, parsley can also be used in dry form.

Ingredients needed:

  • 2 tbsp honey
  • Lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
  • 8 cups water, filtered
  • Bunch of parsley, leaves


Wash the leaves, chop them and leave aside in chunk pieces. Then place them in bowl with water and boil slowly, simmering for 10 minutes. Strain this and after it is cool, put in a saucepan. Now add the lemon/honey for taste and aroma and from this, sip every day, 1-2 glasses tops. Store in glass jars and refrigerate no longer than a week.

The pregnant women have to avoid the parsley since it can cause premature delivering of the baby or an abortion. And also talk with an expert/medical person if you are on blood pressure meds.