Cleanse the Colon from Toxins with a Homemade Easy Recipe!

cleanse-colon-toxins-homemade-recipeColon cleansing has been a habit even from ancient times, from ancient Greece. In the US the colon cleanse became famous in the 1920s and 30s. Why we do this is because of the theory on autointoxication. What causes buildup in our colon are things like undigested meat or other foods prone to creating mucus in the colon, and with that cause toxins to gather in our body. Such toxins cause headaches, fatigue, low energy and weight gain.

If we decide on veggie and fruit cleanses, we must first opt for optimum fiber choice with a lot of nutrients. This colon cleanses you are going to read about is offering you a good amount of fibers and nutrients, and vitamins that will chase away toxic waste. For starters, the apples are perfect for that. They contain a good amount of fibers that are soluble and make you feel full a longer while; they add bulk in the stool too and this helps if you suffer from constipation often, this way the movements in the bowels are regular.

The next perfect ingredient for cleanse is flax seed. They are also abundant in fiber and relieve the delayed gastric emptying, so this way the absorbing of nutrients in the intestines is improved greatly. With flax seeds, food is out of the system quicker which lowers the risk of colon cancer and this seed offers also anti-oxidant benefits. There are two benefits from flax seed, not a just colon cleanse but the protection of the heart health and related diseases. That is because flax is filled with healthy omega-3.

Another miracle seed is the Chia seed and it is more than a grass product. It was popularized in the 90s and the good thing about it is a load of fibers good for the digestion and digestive tract. Besides the overload of nutrient compounds in it, it also has vitamins that are absorbed as the cleansing happens. Because of the fibers, they too create a feeling of fullness longer during the day, help with fat loss, and also have omega-3 fatty acids that help our heart work healthier.

You have nothing to lose if you try to make this easy recipe, and you will see at least some benefits for sure.

Colon cleanses with apple

  • 1 apple
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 1 cup water

Take everything and put it in a blender and save the chia for last. After you put the smoothie in a glass, add the chia at the end. Stir and mix until the chia is well expanded in the liquid. And drink up!

Advice: if you eat a lot of apples or other foods with many fibers, do not forget about water – a lot of it! If you are well hydrated, you will have healthier stools and be cleaned better.


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