Use This Easy Trick to Clean Dirty Shoes and Make Them White!

clean-white-dirty-shoesWe all like clean and white shoes all the time. But, it is not easy to maintain them clean. Do not worry, this article is a simple easy trick for cleaning white and light color shoes and make them look brand new. Tennis shoes and other light color shoes are not going to be an ordeal in the cleaning process.

Keep in mind that this trick of cleaning is incredibly simple to do. You need basic and everyday ingredients that are already maybe in your closet – like white vinegar or baking soda. These two in a compound are powerful cleansers for fabric, even shoe fabrics. They don’t just clean, but also remove fungi or bacteria since they are anti-bacterial and thus they remove bad smells also.

Note: Just follow this recipe for homemade cleanser of shoes and do this:


½ cup white vinegar (125 ml)

¼ cup sodium bicarbonate (60 g) – baking soda

A brush


Just mix the soda and vinegar. Easy as that.  Get a mix similar to a foam and rub it gently on the shoes with the brush mentioned. Do this at least for 30 minutes to take effect and rinse with cool water.

Shoe laces as well

Often, we forget about the shoe laces, even though they get dirty too. Even with clean shoes, if the laces are dirty is worthless. Wash them in a washing machine or by hand, whatever you prefer.  Do this trick with the laces too!

Note: place the shoe laces in a pillow case or a washing bag.

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