Clean Your Body from Nicotine with Just These 5 Items

clean-body-nicotineWe all know the damage of nicotine and smoking it causes. If you are an ex-smoker or still smoke, it is the right time to cleanse and detox. You can have a delicious and refreshing detox with these foods.

Kiwi and lemon- with smoking some vitamins are almost destroyed like A, C, and E and these are vital for immunity and fighting infections and germs. So, to replenish the vitamins eat 1 kiwi daily and have a glass of lemon juice with no sugar on an empty stomach.

Green tea and vitamin water- smokers tend to be dehydrated more than the rest of people so they need a lot of green tea among other healthy fluids.

Orange juice- this juice refreshes the body and gives it vitamins and also it cleanses it from nicotine; juice 2 oranges add water and sip all day long.

Carrots- smoking worsens the skin making it dry and damaged, not soft. To make it youthful again, eat a bunch of carrots often. They offer you vitamins like A, C, K and B and cleanse the organism too. You can eat them fresh or squeezed as juice with apple and lemon too.

Broccoli and spinach- folic acid is a really important health component for our bodies, especially for detoxing. Not just in pills or tablets, you can get it also from food like spinach and greens. Broccoli is another good example due to vitamins C, and B5.



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