This is How Can You Use Cilantro as a Cure: Make a Detox from Mercury and Chronic Inflammations

cilantro-detox-mercury-chronic-inflammationsCilantro is a really popular and effective herb that detoxifies from heavy metals and toxins. It can extract all toxins and mercury from the body and its organs. The heavy metals are connected to diseases like heart problems, cancer, brain damage, mental problems, kidney problems, lung issues and bone problems too.

This herb has many minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Also offers you many vitamins like A, and K too. It has antiseptic benefits, antifungal and anti-inflammatory; it reduces inflammations and infections by cleansing the body.

Some professional researchers of India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, had antigen injected in the back paws of rats, that produced inflammation and swellings like rheumatoid arthritis.

How can we use the cilantro?

This method is really easy and cheap so it’s affordable and simple.

Take a handful cilantro, fresh and organic, and blend it to any smoothie you prefer. Or just chop it and add it to meals.


Inflammation stopping cilantro recipe

½ packed chopped cilantro, organic

½ organic apple juice

½ c water

1 tsp wheatgrass powder



Put all in a blender and mix until smoothly homogenous shape.