Check Out These Early Signs of Diabetes! Prevent the Disease on Time!

Many people are not aware of the first signs of diabetes. If this disease develops, it will increase the risk of many other health complication like heart attack, Alzheimer disease, stroke or pancreatic cancer.

It is very usual for people to find out that they have diabetes after they had already experienced a heart attack or stroke.

Dr. Bradley Bale from the Grace Clinic located in Texas said that many people blame the coincidence or bad luck, but actually about 70% of the heart attacks are triggered by the same reason as one of the type 2 diabetes – insulin resistance.

If the early signs of diabetes are discovered in time, this dangerous disease can be prevented and those dangerous complication can be avoided.

These are most common symptoms:
  • High blood pressure – insulin resistance is the major cause of high blood pressure – 140/90 or higher.
  • Unhealthy gums – those persons with periodontal diseases are at risk to have abnormal glucose levels in a comparison with those without diseases on the gyms.
  • Wide waist – even if you are at the normal range, the alarming waist size in women is from 88 cm or wider, and in men is 100 cm or wider. Start with exercise.
  • Yellow nails – the journal “Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine” published that more than 50 % of people with diabetes have yellow nails.
  • Hearing – the increased sugar levels damages the blood vessels and nerves throughout the body and that can damage your hearing.
  • Erectile dysfunction – this can happen because of the damaged blood vessels in your genitals.
  • Elevated triglycerides – abnormal lipid level is usually connected with insulin resistance. Also, the low level of HDL or good cholesterol is a risk factor.
  • Frequent infections – the frequent fungal infections in women are between the most important early signs of upcoming diabetes.
  • Intense thirst and hunger – these two symptoms, together with frequent urination are the most usual symptoms of diabetes. But, they don’t happen in the early stages of diabetes.

Do you feel good?

The diabetes can be really imperceptible. The symptoms can begin very late when the irreversible damage has been done already. So, if you suspect diabetes, you should control your sugar regularly. We recommend you not to miss the annual physical examination.