Castor Oil – Best Oil For Regrowing And Thickening Eyelashes, Eyebrows And Hair

The castor oil has many benefits for the hair and skin, but most people don’t like it because it has sticky consistency. But, it is a great, natural and cheap solution to many hair and skin problems.

Thicken and regrow eyelashes, eyebrows and hair

The castor oil is popular because it can regrow the thin eyebrows. Many women who in the 1990s have over-plucked the eyebrows, because every woman dreamed of pencil thin brows, they today complain that they have never recovered their eyebrows.

Many beauty magazines publish articles that are based on the magic of castor oil for regrowing the eyebrows. One woman purchased an organic, hexane-free and cold pressed oil. She applied this castor oil to her eyebrows at night after she cleaned the face. Within 3 months, her eyebrows were thicker and darker.

But, this woman is not the only person that has witnessed the magic effect of castor oil. This oil can help you to improve the quality of the hair and regrow the eyelashes.

The castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which is an effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent that can keep any bacteria or fungus away from the hair. The castor oil is thick and it can prevent the hair loss just by coating your hair and preventing the loss.

The castor oil is very rich in omega 9 fatty acids that nourish the hair follicles, hair and skin. The castor oil can penetrate deeply into your pores and nourishes the hair follicles.

It improves the quality of the hair and gives it a healthy gloss. Just a little of the oil goes a long way, and if you want a smoother hair, you have to add a little to the ends of the hair instead of adding it near to the scalp.

Rub just 2 drops of the castor oil between the hands and then run the fingers through the ends. Don’t use too much oil because you can get a heavy greasiness.

If you want to regrow the hair, you should use the castor oil like a scalp treatment. But, this oil can be tricky to apply it on the scalp. You can thin it out with a lighter oil. Add apricot kernel oil, melted coconut oil or any kind of lighter oil in order to make it more spreadable.

In order to thick a hair that thin at its edges, use pure oil and apply it with your hand. You can apply the oil to the eyelashes in order to strengthen and thicken them. On this way you will prevent any shedding and thinning.

Smooth lips and scar tissue reduction

The castor oil is a great remedy for scars because it can penetrate deeply through your skin layers.

The castor oil softens the skin and this helps in breaking down that deep scar tissue. Also, the castor oil is a great white blood cell stimulating element. The scientists confirm that the castor oil reduces the inflammatory response in tissues, because it reduces the scarring and speeds the wound healing.

The castor oil can do a magic to the lips because they need protection too. The lips regenerate quickly, but they can dry out so fast. The castor oil smooths the lips and protects them. It can give a natural shine to the lips, so it makes it good for both look and health of the lips.