Are the carbohydrates your enemies?

The carbohydrates are considered to be out biggest enemy, the main cause of the extra kilograms. The question is, whether they should be avoided, or we should look for the enemy in something else? Are they really bad for you?

The carbohydrates and the sugars are the main fuel of the brain, heart and muscles. We get them from the food we eat, such as: grains and bread, rise, pasta, diaries, fruit and vegetable. Our body dissolves them and turns them into a glucose that our body can use. The body cells then turn the glucose into an energy that we use for our everyday activities.
W hat if we don’t consume carbohydrates?

If we don’t consume enough carbohydrates, our body starts dissolving the fats in order to provide energy for the body. When our body uses the fats, it produces ketones and we are in the state of ketosis.

This sounds good in theory, but that’s all. There are serious unwanted effects caused by this state. The ketosis can cause dysfunction of some organs, kidney stone, cancellation of the kidney function, bad breath e.t.c. To avoid the state of ketosis, we need to take about 100 grams of carbohydrates a day.

If you eliminate the carbohydrates from your diet means you need to eliminate the whole grains, milk and dairies, fruit and vegetable. These types of food provide the basic nutritious ingredients so that the body can function properly, such as enzymes, fibers and minerals.

Which carbohydrates are bad?

Avoid sodas and fruit juices from the markets, white bread, white pasta and white rise, since they contain “empty” carbohydrates, calories with no nutritious value. Don’t add sugar in your coffee and tea.

The best you can do for yourself is to have well-balanced meals and do exercises on a regular basis. Besides the desired weight, you will improve the overall health condition.
Remember: Carbohydrates are not your enemies. They provide you with energy, which is essential for your proper functioning, as well as vitamins which the body needs.