The Cancer Truth – Acidic Body. What To Do Next?

Did you hear of Dr. Warburg?

Otto Warburg was a Noble Prize winner since he found the causer of cancer years ago. The main reason was not enough oxygen present. This means the body is acidic and speeds up cancer growth with less oxygen than normal.

According to him, cancer dies in alkaline environments. If we have enough oxygen, the cancer cells die. All cells need oxygen and cannot thrive without it. Every cell is cancerous unless 48 oxygen-less hours are surpassed. Then it has less 35% oxygen which is awful.

A healthy diet levels the pH and that same balance between alkaline and acid cells and fluids too is basically the whole pH. To survive e need alkaline levels of 7.365.

Eating GMOs, grains, sugars, junk food and acidic foods also toxins will mess up the pH.

The Cancer Truth – Acidic Body. What To Do Next?

This will mess up also cell processes and pH balance.

If the pH goes more to the acidic side problems can show up: heart issues, cancer, diabetes, heartburn and osteoporosis too. Aging accelerates if this lasts a longer while.

According to doctor Robert O. Young an acidic organism is fragile for diseases.

This acidic state is perfect for viruses, parasites, bacteria. Just maintain alkalinity to be healthy.

Here you can read more about a 100% natural remedy for health:


  • 1/3 baking soda
  • 2 tsp lemon juice or AC vinegar


Mix both of these until they fizz a bit. When that stops add baking soda a bit more. Then mix it with water.


Sip this at once in one sitting. If you have stomach acids or acidosis, instant help is on the way.

When you make pH levels neutral, this drink makes the body alkaline and makes a protection to a lot of diseases, among one of which is cancer. Drink it daily for good results.