What can happen if you stop having sex regularly

Sometimes the sexual activity can be really exhausting. After a while, when the passion the couple has at the beginning wears off, the sex enters into a new dimension. Of course, the sexual act in time can be more pleasant and satisfying, but the desire for sex usually wears off in time.

Of you think that you don’t have a lot of sex lately, then be careful!  It’s completely normal not to have sex a few times a day, but it’s not good when the absence of intimacy stretches for a bigger amount of time.

This state of having a partner and not having sex is called “habituation” and appears with all the couples. When it comes, you should consider all the bad things you can do for your body if not having sex. The studies show that with the lack of sex, the discontent rises from 50 to 70 % .

Here are some of the things you would notice if you stop having sex regularly:

  1. Distancing from your partner. You can continue being physically connected with hugs and kisses, but for most of the people the sex is the most interesting part. For men, especially, it presents a way of showing their love. The love without sex is turning into friendship.
  2. You will start feeling anxiety towards each other. The sex is a magical power which can be destroyed when two people argue in hours, and even days.
  3. The feeling of insecurity appears. You feel more confident knowing that your partner wants you.
  4. The chances of cheating increase.