After reading this article, you will start using cabbage leaves on the chest and legs!

cabbage leaves-chest-legsThe cabbage leaves can help with many diseases and problems in our bodies. Especially, the cabbage is healthy to use it for thyroid gland issues and headaches too.

Every cure we can find is placed in nature and natural ingredients which are of course better than the artificial medicines. Why? Because they don’t cause side effects and don’t harm the organs.

Here one example of these remedies is the cabbage. They are mostly seen as salad material and not medicine. Not just for food, but cabbage is used to help health issues.

Breastfeeding pain

Some women who breastfeed can feel pain because of it. They should use cabbage leaves to soothe the pain and discomfort. During the day and night also.

Take the leaves and put them under water to rinse them off, starting from the center. Fit them on the breasts like bra cups, in the middle from the nipples to be covered. Put bra on top of that. They should sit this way at least 20 minutes or more and you can use them as much as you like, no side effects.

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