A Breakthrough Study – Green Herb That Cures 5 Cancer Types: Ovarian, Lung, Liver And Melanoma Among Others

This herb is MORINGA OLEIFERA. A plant tree that grows really fast and it is found in native plant families in South America, in tropical areas.

The leaves of it are used as traditional medicine for many centuries. And especially in Ayurveda since it can cure even 300 health problems!

This Moringa plant also is called a miracle tree, drumstick tree and even horseradish tree. It has small round leaves that have: calcium, protein, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin C and many, many more. Of course it is used as medicine and food for more than 4 centuries so far, even 4000 years!

As long as digestion goes, Moringa has fibers too and literally cleans the intestines like a magical vacuum. It removes grunge and toxins and residue of many ingested things of a bad diet. We have to mention here the isothiocyanates that are antibacterial and remove the bad H. pylori. – The bacteria linked to gastritis, ulcer and cancer of the gastric organs.

The seeds of Moringa are even better than other cures for purification with water. Compared to other conventional and synthetic cures.

With this plant you get a load of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and a lot more.

A Breakthrough Study – Green Herb That Cures 5 Cancer Types: Ovarian, Lung, Liver And Melanoma Among Others

In 100 grams Moringa leaves, you can get:

  • 10 times vitamin a, compared to carrots
  • 9 times protein, compared to yoghurt
  • 15 times potassium, compared to bananas
  • 17 times calcium, compared to milk
  • 25 times iron, compared to spinach
  • 12 times vitamin C, compared to oranges

These leaves have vitamin C, antioxidants, beta-carotene, chlorogenic acid and quercetin. The acid in particular slows down the absorbing of sugar in cells. And animal studies proved that it even lowers blood sugar.

In one study with women, it was discovered that 7 g moringa powder a day, during 3 months, reduced blood sugar complications by 13.5 percent.

The studies also shown moringa leaf is an anti-tumor agent and fights cancers too due to the niaziminin. Experiments showed even protection against the Epsten-Barr dangerous virus. The moringa leaf even improves the work of the thyroid in hyperthyroidism. In addition, it is anti-viral and resolves Herpes 1 type.

In tradition medicine of various cultures, such plants used for a long time so far are still not popularized and discovered fully and properly. The Moringa oleifera is still not known on markets and commercial use. And just recently (a decade ago) people started to know more on it and use it in food mostly.

This plant definitely needs a shelf cupboard spot in your kitchen or home pharmacy.

It is cultivating in Africa, Asia, Caribbean areas and Central America. Still, the biggest amount of moringa crop is in India and there it grows A LOT! That is why maybe the mortality due to pancreas cancer in India is 84% less in comparison to American states!

Purchase supplements of moringa in your pharmacy or online now.

*Note: all medical advices is to consult first with a medical or nutritionist expert.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com