With breakfast against gaining weight

The constant struggle with the extra weight should start with healthy diet. One of the key factors is not to give up breakfast. The big and healthy breakfast provides your body with the energy you need for a good start of the day. The nutritionists agree that the breakfast is the most important meal.

The body spends the food accumulated from the previous day while sleeping, and if we don’t provide it with new amounts of food, there could be consequences, such as dizziness, fatigue, decreased concentration. When we reach this condition, we could eat anything and in uncontrollably big amounts, and most of times we choose fast and easy food such as meat and sweets, which contain a lot of carbohydrates. This is the most common mistake we all make. Therefore, the nutritionists give us a few pieces of advice for a healthy breakfast, which would provide us with enough energy for the beginning of the day.

A pastry and yoghurt is the standard, fast and good breakfast. Even better is muesli with yoghurt or milk. Some choose to eat fruit only. This is all better than skipping the breakfast. From all this, the muesli with yoghurt has the lowest amount of calories, but it’s your call. You can start with a freshly squeezed orange juice, and then you need some carbohydrates. A piece of integral bread, cracker or cornflakes, muesli or oatmeal; and 2 dl of milk or 2,5 dl of low-fat yoghurt, or 150 grams of fat-free cheese which all have the same amount of calories, so you can combine the bread or the cracker with any of these dairy products. If you’d rather eat vegetables, you can combine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers with a piece of bread, on that way consuming the enzymes you need for a better digestion.