Breakfast for losing weight

How important is the breakfast for losing weight? A light meal, such as fruits or grains, or a big, plentiful breakfast? Scientists and researchers have divided opinions on the subject, but they all agree that the breakfast is crucial on losing weight.

Although all the scientists agree that the breakfast is an important meal that one shouldn’t skip, all the researches give different results on whether the big breakfast helps in losing weight, or vice versa. The new research published in “Journal of Obesity” includes 1.600 middle-aged women that have extra pounds on them, divided into two groups. The first group has consumed the essential daily calories within the breakfast, as the other one did the same thing with dinner.

The group that ate the plentiful breakfast has lost approximately 10 kg in three months. The participants that have consumed lighter breakfast has lost only 4 kg in the same time.

Nevertheless, most of the studies are doubtful on the subject. For example, a research conducted at Kornel University has shown that consuming a very light breakfast or by skipping it, one can avoid about 408 calories a day, but the feeling of hunger appears later in the day and it cannot be avoided.

The general conclusion would be that there is indeed a connection between breakfast and the loss of weight, which is closely related to what you eat, how much you eat and the way you eat it. Whatever you do, don’t skip the breakfast. Use the breakfast for losing weight. Even if you are one of those people who has only a cup of coffee for breakfast while getting ready for work, do yourself a favor and make a habit of having a bite before you start the day. It gives the energy the body needs, increases your concentration and wakes your metabolism up. You can have piece of cracker with a cheese spread, some grains, fruit, or some milk and biscuits. These are easy to prepare, fast to consume and cheap to purchase. It will keep you satiated for a while, and you will eventually avoid getting hungry in the late hours.