Eat This Breakfast Portion Every Morning and Make Fat Disappear

breakfast-body-fatYou already know by now and heard it a million times that breakfast is the best and most important meal of all day. Especially when you want to go on a diet or lose extra weight. When breakfast is referred to, you must be careful about the choice of what you eat every morning.

If you are one of those people that are not sure what to choose, what is the best option or what to eat differently, keep reading.

The best voted option was oatmeal according to a new study officially approved by the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism.

This study by the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism stated this information in a firm manner and there was an experiment too. In the experiment were included 36 men and women both, with consumption of 360 calories a meal. Their division was organized in 3 groups. One group had oatmeal for breakfast, the second one cornflakes and the third no breakfast at all just water for a few hours after waking up.

The safety off all participants had to be recorded and monitored well, so they provided the researchers with blood samples to have the blood sugar levels under close monitoring and control, and after the blood samples all the people had the same lunch exactly.

The least hungry were the people from the group with oatmeal because they consumed 31% fewer calories at lunch time! The rest of the groups were far less in percentage compared to this one.

In the same ongoing study, the second group had exactly same results as the first one, but some things were strangely different from the results. This is because the cornflakes make a spike in blood glucose (sugar) by means of sudden rise and drastic drop of sugar. Compared to this, oatmeal doesn’t cause a peak in sugar and makes you feel full for a longer time during the day.

After a longer period of time, this 31-50% fewer calories will be achieved gradually, but most importantly this research gave you the needed information if you want to lose weight.

The derivatives of oats, almost all of them among pulp and flakes, taste incredible and are really healthy too. You can eat them in many various and creative ways, neutral, savory or healthy sweet recipes too. Or maybe just have them in a salad or low-fat milk, as side dish addition or to make no bake cookies as well!

Out of all foods that regulate blood pressure, the best one is oats and oat products – this is due to the active oat ingredient, lignin, a fiber found in veggies and vegetable family.

If you consume lignin on a daily basis, for example, your pressure will be lowered by whole 30% according to recent studies.

Oatmeal is great because it offers you a lot of fibers that make the stomach and digestive tract volume grow bigger since digestion is helped by fibers. That is why it is effective in weight loss.

Oatmeal takes “care”of the fat by binding it to the oat itself and the result of this is low bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. With this, also goes hand in hand the heart protection and less risk of stroke and heart attack.

A study conducted by the British Medical Journal stated firmly that oatmeal reduces also other risks like breast cancer, ovarian, colon and prostate cancer too.


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