Take Watermelon Seeds to Boil Them and See Shocking Results (Recipe)

boil-watermelon-seedsWatermelon is among the most popular and liked fruits. We all enjoy the sweetness and freshness of it, but we throw the seeds unconsciously without knowing that they have health benefits.

These seeds are so good simply because they have a lot of fat acids, proteins and minerals too. They are abundant in vitamin B (thiamine, niacin, foliate and magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and copper). Also, they are 600 gr of calories per 100 grams seeds!

The seeds of watermelon have fibers important for a healthy diet. These aid the digestion in the digestive tract, remove intestine parasites and soothe hepatitis symptoms of inflammation.

The seeds also have citrulline which is a great antioxidant – it expands the blood vessels and acts well on arteriosclerosis, angina, hypertension, and erectile problems.

Why are they healthy? They cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract too. If you make a tea of watermelon seeds (cook them, grind them or bake them), you will reap benefits.

To get the most of it, it’s better to cook them.


You need 20-30 seeds, grind them first and then boil them for 15 minutes in 2 liters water. This is enough to be consumed during 2 days and on the third day, take a break. Do this several week in a row and remember the 3d day pause!

Health benefits of it

We know by now, they are healthy, nutritious and have minerals. Do not throw them away. They are hard on the outside skin so just chew them well before swallowing to get the most of them. Other benefits are:

Better heart health

Since they are full of magnesium, they protect the heart and keep blood pressure to a normal level since the metabolism is improved by now. Take them as precaution or cure.

No aging (fast)

The antioxidant property of them is what makes you look younger and fresher. The skin is improved a lot from it.

No acne

Take a cotton ball and dip it in watermelon seed OIL and then apply to your face where the acne is. This also removes dead skin and cells. This oil is not causing allergies to different skin types.

Strong hair

Many proteins, a lot of aminos…this is screaming healthy hair. If you take the seeds and roast them – the result will be shiny hair (because of the melanin copper in the seeds) and better pigment for the shine of the hair.

No itching of the scalp

The seeds of watermelon when in the form of an oil has a light structure. It is absorbed easily by skin tissue. It is great for moisturizer of the dry and itchy scalp and dandruff hair.

No hair damage

These seeds have fatty acids that are really healthy and stop damage to the hair of various factors.

Regulating of blood pressure and stopping heart issues

What balances the pressure is Arginine. Heart problems occur because of narrow arteries and narrow vessels, and circulation is slowed down or stopped. Now, arginine is a component found in seeds of watermelon and it helps with this narrowing of vessels. Other similar types like this Arginine, are tryptophan and lysine, also found in the seeds.

A lot of magnesium that boosts immunity

Still, a lot more benefits to come, keep on reading. If you eat these seeds, you will not lack magnesium for sure. This mineral is normally found in rice, wheat, oat and cocoa. It is vital for natural defense mechanism in the body. If you lack magnesium you will notice spasms, heart problems, and diabetes as the most serious examples. B5 has known also by the name Panthothenic acid, and it breaks down carbs into simple energy. You can find it not just in the seeds, but also legumes, meat, and veggies.

Diet managing of Beriberi caused by insufficiency of B6

This vitamin is water soluble, but if you lack this one you will suffer from Beriberi. A strange condition linked to a vitamin. Pay attention to this vitamin in your body, B6 is a complex one and important for turning carbs to energy. It aids in making neurotransmitters too.

Gives you basic amino acids

Arginine and lysine are the most important acids for normal and healthy functions of the body. The first one is good for boosting metabolic functions and the second one for spreading calcium into bones and bone tissues. With these two acids, the sex drive and functions are improved too.

More unsaturated fats for the organism

Of all the seed fat, 80% is unsaturated with the addition of omega-3 fat acid. Using these seeds is equal to more energy for the body and no calories. A whole full cup of seeds is all the fat you need in a day.

Nails and hair

Why are these seeds good for beauty, or better hair and nails? Because, they contain a lot of protein in them, and seeds don’t just offer the protein but lysine, arginine, tryptophan and glutamic acid too, so all of these components are crucial for healthy tissues on the outside.

Magnesium well

To keep an overall health in the best order, pile up on magnesium, which is contained in the seeds. It will improve the heart functions and lower high pressure too. To a certain point, it can regulate sugar levels in the blood while it boosts the metabolism.

Curing edema

Get one tsp of dry ground seeds, mix it with 1 tsp honey and add ¾ cup water (warm). Mix nicely and drink right away, at least 2 times daily. Edema will be under control.

Male fertility improved

The antioxidant known as lycopene is a home remedy and natural benefit to men. Especially those that struggle with potency issues. To resolve this, consume seeds every day.


After diseases and health problems, you can use these seeds for a good natural no side effects recovery. In just a few days you will see improvement. Also, not only physical but memory recovery too; these can sharpen up your memory all over.


A whole handful of seeds in 1-liter water, for 45 minutes is a perfect everyday recipe to control diabetes even more. It is probably the most important benefit of these seeds.

Moisturize the skin

The acids in the seeds are great to be used for beauty – to moisturize and soften skin. Also, to add firmness and make skin healthier against acne or similar conditions. Healthy skin with seeds keeps in mind!

Hair as black as it can be

the seeds contain copper and it speeds up melanin production in the body; thus, this creates more hair color naturally. Also, it improves tanning since there is more pigment in the skin also.

No hair breaking

The important and crucial acids nourish the hair and soften it. This makes great strong hair not prone to breakage. Mix this oil with a carrier oil and use it as scalp massage oil. Once a week is enough.

Article and Image Source: www.myhealthylifeguide.net