The Bike Washing Machine Encourages You To Conserve Energy And Get Fit

While most people are put off by the common house chores, doing the laundry or washing the dishes is something that simply cannot be avoided.

The good news is that the most recent invention by Chinese students steps up as the perfect solution when it comes to making these chores more fun. Believe it or not, this invention allows you to do the job and burn calories at the same time.


This Chinese invention is called Bike Washing Machine ( BiWa)  and it combines a couple of tasks- it helps you exercise, do the laundry, and save energy. It resembles a static bike but it has installed door, drum and dispenser. It uses human power to run since you must cycle in order to wash the clothes. It also has a display screen which shows how much cycling is left to finish the washing cycle.

Moreover, the bike stores energy and which is used the next time you decide to wash your clothes.

Even though this amazing invention is not available on the market yet, consumers are quite interested already! It is perfect for people who are pressed for time as it allows them to complete two tasks at the same time- do the laundry and exercise. Another benefit of this bike is that it saves money and energy too.