The Best Way To Kill The Cockroaches Inside The House

The nasty insects that we all dislike can be removed and destroyed with a simple method. You cannot always remove them since they are fast and crawl fast too. Then there is the money spending on chemicals for bugs and such products, but they have no effect. Usually, they help but shortly. Also, they are loaded with chemicals and are unhealthy for humans since we sense their smell for hours.

The Best Way To Kill The Cockroaches Inside The House

There is hope. There is one cheap version that is completely healthy and safe and destroys these bugs. Read more to see the recipe and try it.

The recipe:

Take one egg and separate yolk and white. For the recipe, you need yolk only. Put the yolk in a container and add 50 g boric acid powder inside. Stir until slurry.

Then make small ball shapes of diameter 1 cm out of the concoction. Then leave the balls to get dry and place them in all corners in the house. Pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom and put more balls there.

It is crucial to think like the insects to be able to destroy them. Put balls in every possible corner. Also, put them where you saw the insects crawl regardless if it is corner or not. The acid in the ball is healthy for us and you don’t have to panic if a kid touches this or a pet swallows it.

First, you might think these are not effective. But still don’t remove them. After 2-3 days they will show amazing outcome. You will sweep dead cockroaches, if you had this problem. Still, if the bugs appear after few months (6 when the females have eggs), just do the balls all over and place them.

Finally, the boric acid is not   harmful to us and is often used for disinfecting areas. 3% of boric is used for eye solution use or known as acidiborici. If you can’t purchase boric acid anywhere then get the 3% version mentioned and do the recipe.