Benefits of the Brazil nut

Let us present a few benefits of the Brazil nut. In fact, all the nuts are highly recommendable as they are healthy for eating, easy to purchase and consume, and, most important of all, you can consume nuts for losing weight. Among all the nutritious members of the nut family, Brazil nuts are proven to bring the best of the nut benefits.

A word or two on the beauty effect of the Brazil nut. It contains big amounts of selenium, which makes it exceptionally useful and healthy. The selenium is a vital antioxidant that keeps you young, protects you from the harmful influence of the free radicals, which are the main reason for skin ageing. So eat Brazil nuts in order to stay young!

You might have not known the fact that the Brazil nut also contains a lot of proteins and fibers, which help to control the hunger. And being able to control the feeling of hunger is vital for losing weight. It keeps you satiated for longer period of time, so you won’t think about snacks.

In the health department, we all know how important the omega acids are, and the Brazil nut contains plenty of those. It contains omega-6 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, the Brazil nut lowers the bad cholesterol and protects you from heart and brain attacks.

As it goes for everything, one should not exaggerate in consuming the Brazil nut, since the accumulation of big amounts of selenium in the body system can be also dangerous. The big amounts of selenium can cause weariness, headache and anxiety. If you notice some of these symptoms, you might need to take easy with the nuts. The recommended dose for the women is 55 micro grams of selenium a day. Have in mind the benefits of the Brazil nut, but do not exaggerate with it.