Benefits Of Baking Soda For Face Wash

Many people have issues with large pores on the nose and cheeks. They have a skin problem where dirt goes in the pores and causes acne or blackheads that enlarge pores and damage them. It is not possible to remove pores, but you can make them smaller and in a cheap way too. Read about how to use baking soda..

Also, people with oily skin or greasy T-zone have bigger pores compared to dry skin you can read about the amazing cure which reduces pores. Look at the video:

Using Baking Soda Video

The popular YouTuber, Angela Minji Kim, shows how baking soda is used and how it makes pores small. She adds that baking soda is really effective and removes dead skin perfectly from the face.

Look at this video and follow the steps from it. Results visible right away.