The Benefits Of Aluminum Foil And Its Usage

There are evidence of alternative medicine methods gathered and with them you will also remove:

  • Neck pains, knee/arms/joint pains and spine ache too
  • Inflammation
  • Burns
  • Muscle aches
  • Scars postoperative

The Benefits Of Aluminum Foil And Its Usage

This material is in our kitchen cabinet already and is magical!

  1. No more fatigue- the aluminum foil was used a long time for many purposes. Take few strips and freeze them for a few hours. Then put them on the face until it relaxes completely. The fatigue and also insomnia will be gone.
  2. Soothe aching joints- with it you will soothe sciatica, heel pain, gout and also arthritis. Wrap the foil on the area that hurts and put bandage. Repeat this for 10 days and also take a break of 2 weeks. The pain will be gone.
  3. Soothe burns- the content of aluminum soothes burns. Wash the burn with cool water and tap with a cloth. Put ointment on the burn and a clean gauze. Next, wrap it in aluminum foil and remove when the pain is gone.
  4. Phantom pain- sometimes these pains come out of nowhere like you had a surgery that never happened! Wrap the limb in this foil and feel good in no time.
  5. Cold- cold and flu can be treated this way too. Wrap several layers of the foil, 5-7, on the feet and also keep it for an hour. After 2 hours repeat again.

Which foil side to be used?

Use the shiny one since it keeps more heat. Apply it directly on the skin.

To keep heat off and be ”cooler” use the matte side.